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Ya know, I wonder about the family members of writers.  They REALLY have to be strong people.  Sometimes it’s hard trying to get people to understand that you have to really go into a zone when we’re creating and you really really have to just “leave us alone.” Like seriously.  Don’t tap us on the shoulder, bother us, or keep ringing the phone to talk.  You gotta let us work.  The funny thing is… the kids get it. 🙂  They know to let mommy do her, and I love them for it.  When mommy’s all done they get the extra love and special things becasue I know how difficult it is when Mommy is home but “not at home.”  This can apply to any parent who works at home.  However, the adults seem to take it very lightly sometimes and this puzzles me.  

I will support whoever is reaching for their dreams.  If you are truly trying to better your life I am going to be there for you.  If I have to limit my exposure to you, I look at the endgame and take self out of it.    I understand.  I think sometimes all people want is support from their loved ones that they have their back when it comes to the often trying times of handling demanding jobs.  To win big you have to grind big.  If you haven’t put this into practice you’re not going to understand this nature.  

I encourage all of us to try to be more undersanding of people who are hustling to make a dream happen and have patienence.  If you can’t handle what someone is trying to do, maybe you should be honest with them and yourself and decide if adjustments need to be made, because beating down a person’s dream because you don’t feel you’re getting the attention you need can be detrimental.

“People make time for what they want to do”

True, but first they have to have some.

Just my lil old thoughts.




Coming Spring…2013
Come take a paranormal trip with a special little girl who is being hunted for her unique abilities. But this isn’t your typical good girl/ bad guy story… The lines remain blurred throughout the tale as you struggle to figure out who’s on the right side… who’s really the villan? Who’s telling the truth and who’s going to come out on top? Can Sariah harness the powers inside of her and manage to reighn in the chaos surrounding her and her family’s life?


ImageTravel with Aziah and Demonte’ through a dysfunctional journey of mental and physical abuse as the two try to fix what was always broken. Told in a series of short stories, discover if the pair will ever learn to overcome their inner darkness or will they let their past and their present destroy them.


WICKED BLUES By Deszion Amani Nasir

ImageDADDY’S HOME…Gemini Knight was born in the swamps of Louisiana and given away to a Creole faith healer moments before his mother was murdered. In an effort to save his life, he was sent to VA, even though it was made clear a curse hung over the child’s head. He was never meant to live and grow into the dark clouds hovering over him because he’d only bring death and destruction to all those that loved him.
After a violent and troubled childhood, Gemini was brought into adulthood after murdering the one closest to him, and thrust into the underworld of VA. He thrives in the murder, money and chaos, and the curse placed upon him at birth comes to fruition as everyone he comes in contact with thrives and/or perishes under his blue-eyes reign of terror. His powers of manipulation have no bounds as he bulldozes his way into the 804 Boyz, a gang out of Richmond, viciously murdering their leader the same day he leaves the hospital after an assassination attempt. 
While Gemini rises, the ones who helped him continue to fall and sink in the quicksand that surrounds him. He makes no effort to pull them out, and when his all out betrayals, deceptions and terrorist ways are exposed, instead of being apologetic, Gemini goes harder, daring anyone to survive long enough to do something about what they discovered. Someone will…but you know you can’t kill the Devil with a simple exorcism…..


“This book is dedicated to slaves.

To every person still trapped in slavery, be it mental, physical, chemical, spiritual, or a combination of the four.

This book is dedicated to former and partial slaves who may be free from one but remain trapped from memories. Don’t remain bound.

This book is dedicated to those who are slaves to ignorance and prejudice, specifically about abuse and mental disorders. Educate yourselves.  You never know who cries at night and pretends to laugh at your jokes.” -Deszion Amani Nasir

Are you mentally bound?

Look deep into Gemini’s Wicked Blues… but don’t stare too long. The devil never takes long to steal souls…




Scorpion Knight,-better known as “Blue” for his dark blue eyes-has no soul. Every trace of innocence in him has long since melted away under the drama that existed from before his birth. His father was the murderous Gemini Knight, often called Satan himself in his day, who ruined countless lives until his murder by the hands of family. Blue and his twin sister, the beautifully cold Jasmine, grew up in foster homes, being teased for their extra tall forms and strange eyes. Well, Blue’s grown now, and on his way to being more corrupt than his father. He’s surrounded himself with killers, psychos and former terrorists who each have their own gut-wrenching tales of misery. The one thing they all have in common is the will to never be taken advantage of again.
In a slept-on section of Hampton, VA, there lies a part of the city called Phoebus where the story begins and expands to the 7 cities of Hampton Roads. Blue has control over most areas and virtually no interference from rivals or police. His claim to fame isn’t drugs. Blue has skipped over drugs and seized the weapons and killer-for-hire business.

Just when Blue finds someone to rule beside him in the world he’s created for himself- the gold-eyed, voluptuous Angel with a wickedly violent temper shrouded behind traumatic amnesia- a mysterious man from Asia comes to town, hell bent on destroying Blue. Blue has no idea who he is, but Vu Katsamura-a member of the legendary Japanese Yakuza- is out for Blue’s blood.
As stress builds in Blue’s camp from the new threat, his team begins to turn on one another. Something mysteriously dark in Angel has Blue’s boys going crazy, Blue’s true nature is exposed, and rape, betrayals, murders and broken hearts have thrown Blue’s world into chaos. Will his team remain with him and fight the new threat, or will Blue’s evil ways finally be the end of his team as they retaliate? And don’t think if his team turns on him he’s going to take it lying down…
Bonds are broken, lives are lost…trust is undone. And when trust is undone, all that’s left to do is …

This review is from: UNTRUST (Kindle Edition)

Thus book is sooo good I think a lot of people is sleeping on this author but I must say that it was banging from the beginning to the end. My mouth is still hanging open…. Great job

This review is from: UNTRUST (Kindle Edition)

This book was so good I couldnt put it down it had so much going on that it was like u where looking at a movie

This review is from: UNTRUST (Kindle Edition)

This book is AMAZING… it’s full of suspense, thrills, twists and turns, and so much excitement that it keeps you wanting more. I honestly couldn’t put it down. I loved every bit of it. So it is definitely a MUST READ!!!! You will experience every emotion possible during UnTrust… I laughed, cried, got angry, was shocked, and so much more. Just thinking about this book makes me want to go read it again… I think I am!




In April  2012, Tashay Edwards, 19 of Ohio, took a shot at using Twitter beef to gain her 15 minutes of fame as had herself taped confronting a thus-far unnamed female.  While her friend(s) watched, Edwards walked right up to the girl’s door, and when the girl came out, told her she wanted to fight her and why.  In the middle of the girl trying to explain her side, it became quite clear Edwards didn’t come to talk as she brutally attacked the girl, stomped her in the head, drug her down porch stair and continued to beat her savagely-even when the girl stopped trying to fight back-  until her friends became concerned and told her to stop.  World Star Hip Hop got a hold of the video and over 2 million hits later, Edwards had everyone’s attention, just like she wanted. However, that fame had come with a price. On April 19th, Edwards was arrested.

The police log reads that at 8:14 pm “2500 block Washington Ave., Tashay D. Edwards, 19, 100 blocks Spring St., arrested and charged with assault and violation of a temporary protection order. A woman, who said she has had ongoing problems with Edwards, said Edwards repeatedly punched her and ripped her shirt off.” The video does not depict a woman have her shirt ripped off.

It both saddens and disgusts me to see the power the world has given Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.  From Evelyn Lozado – very grown woman- to this teenager, people are letting the words of others affect them to the point that they are no longer in control of their emotions.

What makes the situation so disparaging is that Twitter and any other site can be logged off of, and offensive posts erased/blocked.

One wonders why the victim didn’t simply close the door when Edwards stated quite clearly that she wanted to fight.  My guess she was trying to dissolve the issue before it went any further, but she obviously didn’t get the chance.

The girls accompanying Edwards should be arrested as well for that premeditated assault. Nothing has been heard from any of the parents involved and it makes me wonder about accountability for these young girls pretending to be grown.

Let this be a lesson to parents and children everywhere: 15 minutes of fame is more expensive than you think.  Years more expensive….AND BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST ONLINE…

Tashay Edward’s mugshot~~>

VIDEO OF THE HORRIFIC ATTACK:*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED* http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhZH0T6j5C9f09mDTR



Last night Coachella freaked out, delighted, and sparked a whole new (and ressurected old) batch of conspiracy thyeories when a FRIGHTENLY REAL hologram of  slain legend Tupac Shakur appeared on stage and performed “Hail Mary” and “2 Of  Amerikaz Most Wanted” alongside Snoop.  What sent further chills was the fact that he yelled out “Coachella” and the event didn’t start taking place till after the icon’s death.  At the end of the performance Tupac seemed to vanish, as if turning back into another form… leaving the fans screaming and amazed.

Twitter and the rest of the net has been on fire with activity since the performance and I had chills myself…

WHAT DO YOU THINK?? ~~~>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajVGIRsKXdo

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