EYE HEARD THAT! : Vanessa Bryant

ALRIGHTY!! Vanessa and Kobe broke up. Not news, right? We all pretty much saw that coming.  The couple settled for Vanessa getting about $75 million, most of it being included in the worth of the 3 houses, and she’s getting spousal and child support.  What’s grinding MY gears is the seemingly public outrage over the amount.  I’ve seen numerous fury over Twitter and Facebook about Vanessa being a gold-digging, spiteful, bitter chick out for revenge. “It doesn’t take that  much to raise those kids!!!” Is the collective scream from men AND women.  Kinda makes me sit back and frown up…

Let’s be real about some of this, peeps: 1) Marriage and divorce are LEGAL contracts. Period. Both of them knew what was up from the jump. He didn’t make her sign that golden prenup for WHATEVER reason.  Call him a fool, whatever, but he didn’t.  2) He wasn’t robbed.  Vanessa didn’t storm into the courtroom screaming : “I’m pissed off about him cheating; give me $75 million!!” It doesn’t go down like that.  LEGALLY, in most divorces, the wife gets around half, be it in monetary form or another form…in this instance *DING* 3 homes.  3) Kobe brought the divorce on himself…like…seriously…

I’m STILL trying to figure out the gold-digger part of the scenario…What did she do?? Would it be “Politically Correct” for her to give 20 million back and live in one house? Whether she “earned it” or not in people’s eyes, a marriage is just that…she’s not the “baby’s momma,” the “side piece,” etc…she married him, she divorced him…she got what the judge decided she should per the guidelines…

My only question is : why YOU mad though????


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