“Toddlers and Tiaras” mom Susanna Barrett filed a 30 million dollar lawsuit Tuesday, January 24, against the parent companies of TMZ, the Huffington Post, London’s Daily Mail in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The online sites blasted Barrett for her daughter’s “performance in a nightclub” where she was singing LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and stated her toddler didn’t know anything about sex appeal. “On the contrary, it is the defendants who, through their articles, have thrust these false and vulgar characteristics on to Isabella. As a result, Isabella is now perceived sexually, erotically and pornographically.” She added that the articles “have placed Isabella in serious physical danger, attracting the attention of others who would seek to sexualize a child.”

Barrett also claimed they weren’t at a club but a charity event.

Well I’ve seen the vid, and while the girl seems to be clueless about what the song means, her mother does not.  A grown woman cheering her impressional child on while singing “Sexy and I Know It” isn’t responsible on any level.  Her mother allowing her to sing that particular song is going to be responsible for the pervs paying extra special attention to the child.  The mother claimed it was a pet-friendly event…is “Where the Dogs at?” out of the question? IJS…Oh, and by the way..if you don’t want your child being sexualized and made a target by pervs… STOP PUTTING HER IN THOSE COMPETITIONS WHERE U DRESS HER LIKE A GROWN WOMAN. That is all.

PEEK AT THE VID~~~~~~~~~~~~~>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGWL8XLuxSQ  WHAT DO YOU THINK????


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