Parents at a school in Minnesota are in utter shock and horror as they  opened letters informing them that 5th graders were playing a version of “Freeze tag” called “Rape Tag,” where a person has to be humped repeatedly until they’re unfrozen.


Principal Bill Sprung of Washington Elementary School in New Ulm sent a letter home this week to parents to alert them to the disturbing game after he was notified by an upset parent about it on January 10. “We addressed it as an inappropriate game,” he told msnbc.com on Thursday. He went on to say he notified teachers and recess supervisors-who I believe should have their heads put on a platter-to talk to students about the matter and put an end to the game.

Around 20 parents have already contacted him, upset over having to talk to their children about such disturbing topics.

Rape Tag.


No matter how many times I say it/type it it looks and sounds insanely disturbing…my thoughts wander to who thought this game up, and where the originator got the inspiration for it…I also ponder about the people who chose to participate in it, knowing what it’s called…these children are willing  participants…

I have an issue with the school…the obviously sleep with their eyes wide open recess supervisors and teachers, and whoever put – or inspired- the ideas inside of these children…

Rape Tag…keep saying it until you have a comment or motivation to get more active in your child’s school…smh…



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  1. Clearly these kids has TOO much time on their hands, in school and at home. Smh…

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