The crime-fighting community organization known as Detroit 300 announced it will begin patrolling high-crime neighborhoods in response to the accidental shooting of a 9 month-old baby earlier this week.

The infant, Delric Waymon Miller IV, died of AK-47 shots fired into his home on the city’s west side.

Founded in 2010, Detroit 300 is a coalition of citizens, groups and businesses who say they are dedicated to deterring crime by tracking down suspected criminals.

The organization’s president, Raphael B. Johnson, said members plan to hunt down those responsible for Miller’s death and bring them to justice. Because the incident allegedly involved gang activity, the group plans to target local gangs.

“We don’t care what gang, crew or clique you claim. When you kill babies in this city, you are our enemy,” said Johnson.

WANNA CHECK OUT THEIR SITE?~~~>http://www.thedetroit300.org/

The murder also caused the group to recently declare war on baby killers and murders in the city~~~~>http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh16SX0D5UqQb8A052

However, the police have decided to investigate some of the members of the very active group, who had leads on the case.

The investigation includes two serious allegations including that two women may have information about the gang that could be behind the unsolved murder of nine-month-old Delric Miller and that volunteers went too far when they interviewed those women inside the precinct.

The February shooting into a house that killed the nine-month-old is believed to be over rival gangs. Several shots were fired from an assault rifle that killed the baby as he slept on the couch.

In this case, two Detroit 300 members contacted two women to follow up on leads they received working the streets.

“They invited them to go to an open space at Fairlane Mall, specifically the food court,” said Detroit 300 President Angelo Henderson.

The two women insisted on meeting at the Northwestern District police station in Detroit. According to a Detroit 300 spokesperson, the women and the two volunteers were led by police through the front door into a garage, which is not open to the public. How that happened is now part of an internal police investigation. But the conversation also got heated.

“She has four strong connections and in some cases information, videos and pictures. How can you say you’re not (involved)? And they’re like how did you get that, how did you get that?” said Henderson.

According to Henderson, the only mistake his volunteers made was conducting their interview inside a police precinct.

“The police station was not the place to have the conversation,” said Henderson.

Henderson also said they will turn over their information to police. Meantime, a police spokesperson said they are looking into what these volunteers did and if they have obstructed justice they could be charged.

The police investigation into the murder of nine-month-old Delric Miller has only led to a person of interest arrested nearby on a gun charge.m -MSNBC

IN MY OPINION it sounds like the police are nit-picking when they really could be using all the help they can get.



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