Last night VH1 debuted it’s new series “Couple’s Therapy” and one of the couples featured was rapper DMX and his estraged wife Tasharra Simmons. It’s well known that DMX’s many infidelities -which have created 6 children during their marriage- along with drugs and drinking, have cause a tremendous rift between the couple.  What’s not known is that DMX only agreed to do the show because he’d originally planned to do another show with VH1 and was told “If you do this show (Couple’s Therapy) we’ll do your other show” DMW was initially against it, but was persuaded to participate, as the show was played down and stated to only be a place to discuss the couple’s many issues and vent pent up feelings, as Tasharra explains here to The Source: ~~~~~~~~~~~> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmm0DF02-Fg

Now, I watched the premire, and it was very clear DMX had no clue he was going to have to remain on set or have to share a room with his estranged wife, giving validity to Tasharra’s story.  The two seemed to have been manipulated by the station to pull in the audience that would tune in to watch a rap superstar, as they are the only African American couple on the show.  Hopefully the show will do the couple some good, because this isn’t just reality, this is REAL LIFE these people are playing with. Shame VH1…

HERE’S A CLIP WHERE DMX SNAPS OFF ON HIS WIFE, EXPOSING SOME PENT UP FRUSTRATION ~~~~>http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/22/couples-therapy-premiere-dmx-tashera-infidelity-video_n_1371837.html


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