In April  2012, Tashay Edwards, 19 of Ohio, took a shot at using Twitter beef to gain her 15 minutes of fame as had herself taped confronting a thus-far unnamed female.  While her friend(s) watched, Edwards walked right up to the girl’s door, and when the girl came out, told her she wanted to fight her and why.  In the middle of the girl trying to explain her side, it became quite clear Edwards didn’t come to talk as she brutally attacked the girl, stomped her in the head, drug her down porch stair and continued to beat her savagely-even when the girl stopped trying to fight back-  until her friends became concerned and told her to stop.  World Star Hip Hop got a hold of the video and over 2 million hits later, Edwards had everyone’s attention, just like she wanted. However, that fame had come with a price. On April 19th, Edwards was arrested.

The police log reads that at 8:14 pm “2500 block Washington Ave., Tashay D. Edwards, 19, 100 blocks Spring St., arrested and charged with assault and violation of a temporary protection order. A woman, who said she has had ongoing problems with Edwards, said Edwards repeatedly punched her and ripped her shirt off.” The video does not depict a woman have her shirt ripped off.

It both saddens and disgusts me to see the power the world has given Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.  From Evelyn Lozado – very grown woman- to this teenager, people are letting the words of others affect them to the point that they are no longer in control of their emotions.

What makes the situation so disparaging is that Twitter and any other site can be logged off of, and offensive posts erased/blocked.

One wonders why the victim didn’t simply close the door when Edwards stated quite clearly that she wanted to fight.  My guess she was trying to dissolve the issue before it went any further, but she obviously didn’t get the chance.

The girls accompanying Edwards should be arrested as well for that premeditated assault. Nothing has been heard from any of the parents involved and it makes me wonder about accountability for these young girls pretending to be grown.

Let this be a lesson to parents and children everywhere: 15 minutes of fame is more expensive than you think.  Years more expensive….AND BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST ONLINE…

Tashay Edward’s mugshot~~>

VIDEO OF THE HORRIFIC ATTACK:*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED* http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhZH0T6j5C9f09mDTR




Last night Coachella freaked out, delighted, and sparked a whole new (and ressurected old) batch of conspiracy thyeories when a FRIGHTENLY REAL hologram of  slain legend Tupac Shakur appeared on stage and performed “Hail Mary” and “2 Of  Amerikaz Most Wanted” alongside Snoop.  What sent further chills was the fact that he yelled out “Coachella” and the event didn’t start taking place till after the icon’s death.  At the end of the performance Tupac seemed to vanish, as if turning back into another form… leaving the fans screaming and amazed.

Twitter and the rest of the net has been on fire with activity since the performance and I had chills myself…

WHAT DO YOU THINK?? ~~~>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajVGIRsKXdo


Trayvon Martin’s murder case against George Zimmerman isn’t going to be going to the Grand Jury, says a special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday, leaving the decision of whether to charge the teen’s shooter in her hands alone and eliminating the possibility of a first-degree murder charge.  But she said she has a specific reason for it before people jump on her back and said her decision had no bearing on whether she would file charges against George Zimmerman.



A grand jury had been set to meet Tuesday in Sanford, about 20 miles northeast of Orlando.

Corey has long had a reputation for not using grand juries if it wasn’t necessary. In Florida, only first-degree murder cases require the use of grand juries.

Corey’s decision means she doesn’t have to rely on potentially unpredictable jurors, said David Hill, an Orlando criminal defense attorney.

“Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she knows there isn’t enough for first-degree murder but she wants to maintain control and charge him with something else,” Hill said. “What does she need a grand jury for? She cuts out the unpredictability of the grand jury. She goes where she feels she has more evidence.”

Corey took over the case last month after the prosecutor who normally handles cases out of Sanford recused himself. That prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, had originally called for the case to be presented before a grand jury.

“From the moment she was assigned, Ms. Corey noted she may not need a grand jury,” said a statement from Corey’s office.

Prosecutors sometimes use grand juries to avoid the political fallout from controversial cases. But Corey was elected by voters more than 100 miles away in the Jacksonville area, so political problems are less of an issue for Corey, Hill said.

Martin was killed Feb. 26 during a confrontation with Zimmerman in a gated community in Sanford.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, and Florida’s self-defense law gives wide leeway to use deadly force and eliminates a person’s duty to retreat in the face of danger.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Craig Sonner, said he didn’t want to comment on Corey’s decision.

An attorney for Martin’s parents said in a statement that he is not surprised by the decision to avoid the grand jury and hopes a decision is reached soon.

“The family has been patient throughout this process and asks that those who support them do the same during this very important investigation,” said attorney Benjamin Crump.

The case has led to protests across the nation and spurred a debate about race and the laws of self-defense.

On a disgusting side note, George Zimmerman has set up a website soliciting funds to pay for defense….really? REALLY??!

WHAT DO YOU THINK???~~>http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/04/09/11100828-eyes-of-the-communities-on-her-prosecutor-weighs-trayvon-martin-case?lite


5 yr. old comedian Zay-Zay from Tacoma, Washington, has just released a video ranting about having lazy parents.  The video is hilarious, and Zay-Zay is  quickly becoming an internet sensation.  The video pokes fun at something we’ve all been through: parents sending their kids off to do the tiniest tasks that could have been easily done themselves. Did he write his own jokes?? WHO CARES?? IT’S FUNNY… DON’T START A RANT ABOUT ADULTS PIMPING THEIR KIDS…’KAY?

Makes you wonder what you’re kids are saying behind your back…

WANNA SEE THE VID??~~~>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GjeXj9oemo