Just on my strange lil’ old mind…

Ya know, I wonder about the family members of writers.  They REALLY have to be strong people.  Sometimes it’s hard trying to get people to understand that you have to really go into a zone when we’re creating and you really really have to just “leave us alone.” Like seriously.  Don’t tap us on the shoulder, bother us, or keep ringing the phone to talk.  You gotta let us work.  The funny thing is… the kids get it. 🙂  They know to let mommy do her, and I love them for it.  When mommy’s all done they get the extra love and special things becasue I know how difficult it is when Mommy is home but “not at home.”  This can apply to any parent who works at home.  However, the adults seem to take it very lightly sometimes and this puzzles me.  

I will support whoever is reaching for their dreams.  If you are truly trying to better your life I am going to be there for you.  If I have to limit my exposure to you, I look at the endgame and take self out of it.    I understand.  I think sometimes all people want is support from their loved ones that they have their back when it comes to the often trying times of handling demanding jobs.  To win big you have to grind big.  If you haven’t put this into practice you’re not going to understand this nature.  

I encourage all of us to try to be more undersanding of people who are hustling to make a dream happen and have patienence.  If you can’t handle what someone is trying to do, maybe you should be honest with them and yourself and decide if adjustments need to be made, because beating down a person’s dream because you don’t feel you’re getting the attention you need can be detrimental.

“People make time for what they want to do”

True, but first they have to have some.

Just my lil old thoughts.




Coming Spring…2013
Come take a paranormal trip with a special little girl who is being hunted for her unique abilities. But this isn’t your typical good girl/ bad guy story… The lines remain blurred throughout the tale as you struggle to figure out who’s on the right side… who’s really the villan? Who’s telling the truth and who’s going to come out on top? Can Sariah harness the powers inside of her and manage to reighn in the chaos surrounding her and her family’s life?