WICKED BLUES By Deszion Amani Nasir

ImageDADDY’S HOME…Gemini Knight was born in the swamps of Louisiana and given away to a Creole faith healer moments before his mother was murdered. In an effort to save his life, he was sent to VA, even though it was made clear a curse hung over the child’s head. He was never meant to live and grow into the dark clouds hovering over him because he’d only bring death and destruction to all those that loved him.
After a violent and troubled childhood, Gemini was brought into adulthood after murdering the one closest to him, and thrust into the underworld of VA. He thrives in the murder, money and chaos, and the curse placed upon him at birth comes to fruition as everyone he comes in contact with thrives and/or perishes under his blue-eyes reign of terror. His powers of manipulation have no bounds as he bulldozes his way into the 804 Boyz, a gang out of Richmond, viciously murdering their leader the same day he leaves the hospital after an assassination attempt. 
While Gemini rises, the ones who helped him continue to fall and sink in the quicksand that surrounds him. He makes no effort to pull them out, and when his all out betrayals, deceptions and terrorist ways are exposed, instead of being apologetic, Gemini goes harder, daring anyone to survive long enough to do something about what they discovered. Someone will…but you know you can’t kill the Devil with a simple exorcism…..


“This book is dedicated to slaves.

To every person still trapped in slavery, be it mental, physical, chemical, spiritual, or a combination of the four.

This book is dedicated to former and partial slaves who may be free from one but remain trapped from memories. Don’t remain bound.

This book is dedicated to those who are slaves to ignorance and prejudice, specifically about abuse and mental disorders. Educate yourselves.  You never know who cries at night and pretends to laugh at your jokes.” -Deszion Amani Nasir

Are you mentally bound?

Look deep into Gemini’s Wicked Blues… but don’t stare too long. The devil never takes long to steal souls…